The Firm

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Aristoteles Moreira Advogados is a traditional law firm from the Brazilian state of Bahia, whose reputation has grown upon the basic principle of legal business management, custom tailored to each client.

The basic principle which underlies our legal practice consists in being instrumental to our client´s business, while still being estrategic as well as specifically driven to cope with our client´s demands: our goal is to support our clients business and interests toward the best, most profitable and most secure outcome. Operating within the business lawyer paradigm, our aim is to provide our client´s business with value-driven legal solutions, only attainable through an efficient legal management delivered by legal experts in their respective filed of practice.

In the pursuit of such a design, we are comitted to assisting our clients on a strictly personal and invidividual stance. Being close to our client, or even embedded in his operations, allows us not only to address our client´s demands, but also to foresee them, all of which results in a satisfation level not found in most law firms in the market. At our offices, each new case is so important as the first; prospecting new business opportunities through new clients is so relevant as delivering, in such a personal and efficient fashion, those who have long been clients of the firm.

Gathering more than 25 years of experience on state of the art legal assistance, Aristoteles Moreira Advogados trails a long history that begins with pioneering tax counseling and litigation in Bahia, of wich our firm is notable protagonist. From there on, our performance has develped successfully and sustainably into other fields of legal practice, especially civil private law, corporate law and litigation. Lately, our team has again served as market pioneer establishing a practice on legal innovation conseling, following strong work and academic experiences in that area of law practice.

The high technical standards, as well as the personal comittment to each client´s needs, have built our firm into one of the benchmark firms in our region, particularly in the state of Bahia and surroundings. Our team assists, with equal promptness and professionalism, individual persons, private entities, non profit organizations, national and multinational corporations, in their businesses and interests in the state of Bahia, the northeast region of Brazil, as well as coutrywide, for which we rely on associate and correspondent firms throughout the country.

Our mission is to add value to our client´s business and interests. Therefore when we are requested rearding services which are out of the scope of our expertise and practice, we are glad to recommend firms and professionals that would fit our clients needs.