Tax advisory services address a general and permanent demand put through by both individual persons and corporations, whose businesses and interests require due legal management of risks and opportunities related to taxation.

The steep complexity of tax legislation in Brazil, as well as the worldwide-high tax levels which shape the tax burden brought upon investors doing business in Brazil, demand from the tax attorney not only high technical and academic levels, but also broad experience linked to the matters related to the tax management of businesses and assets.

Aristoteles Moreira Advogados is a firm that pioneered the delivery of tax services in the Brazilian state of Bahia. In this fast developing region of the country, it established itself as a market benchmark through consolidation of a proven team of counselors, whose expertise was developed in the field of practice, acting both as tax consultants and as tax litigators, in representation of individual persons and corporations of all sectors of the economy.

Our firm is prompt to assist our clients’ needs regarding tax consulting on the planning, establishment and management of businesses, transactions and investments in general. We can support our client in the structuring of all sorts of deals, such as the trading of assets, equities and real estate. We provide value-oriented guidance, aimed at the management of fiscal costs, which ranges from the analysis of tax burden scenarios to the negotiation with government authorities regarding tax incentives and special tax regimes.

Tax litigation comprises a large dimension of tax management in Brazil, since in the Brazilian system the normal path followed by tax assessments, which are issued by the tax authorities, is to be submitted to a trial before an administrative or judicial court. In such a context we put at the disposal of our clients a team of experienced litigation lawyers, all of which are duly licensed by the Brazilian Bar Association, and accredited as certified legal practitioners in the highest courts of the country.